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If you are familiar with Sandals Resorts and are comfortable with making and servicing your own reservations, feel free to book instantly online through the link. Should you book yourself, you are forfeiting any of my complimentary services.  If you change your mind and would like for me to help you manage the reservation, you can contact me within 14 days of the booking to transfer it to me. 

If you choose to work with a Sandals Specialist who can help you choose the right resort for you, click on the link above and schedule your free consultation. Once we decide on the best resort and room category for you, I can place the room on a complimentary hold.  Flights can be tricky, so I will also assist you in choosing the best option. We can also help you choose the best excursions for your destination as well as assist in any kind of special celebrations.  If you are not a savvy traveler, no worries! We will help you navigate the airports and will be on call 24/7 until you return home should you need assistance or just want to share how fabulous your trip is with us!

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